Quilting and gardening

With spring in the air life on the farm is springing to life. Things are blooming, grass is growing and the whippoorwill is back. The beefalo girls have settled in and seem to be enjoying their new home. This is the first year since Heather got sick that we’ve even thought about a garden. The grounds has been plowed and tilled and it seems like the vacation it had was much needed because it’s a lot healthier.

This year we are taking part in a plasticulture study with UK so they came out and laid the plastic for us the other day. We have grown in plastic before and it’s a life saver when it comes to weeds and water.

Here is what our garden looks like now (or at least midway through laying the plastic.


I managed to get some of my Express your Love quilt’s hair done. It was hard to get started on because my mind has been on Heather so much lately (tomorrow is her 22nd birthday and anyone who knew her knows how we started celebrating weeks ahead of time). So in her honor I did a section of hair for her. Pink feathers (for the essence that was Heather) with yellow hearts (for the stupid cancer that she fought so hard against yet ripped our hearts out anyhow). I put circles in the middle because it reminded me of the unending cycle of life and the fact that I will see her again one day. I also did a section in mctavishing, which I like the look but cant seem to get any better at doing it.

Here it is…










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