Quilting and gardening

With spring in the air life on the farm is springing to life. Things are blooming, grass is growing and the whippoorwill is back. The beefalo girls have settled in and seem to be enjoying their new home. This is the first year since Heather got sick that we’ve even thought about a garden. The grounds has been plowed and tilled and it seems like the vacation it had was much needed because it’s a lot healthier.

This year we are taking part in a plasticulture study with UK so they came out and laid the plastic for us the other day. We have grown in plastic before and it’s a life saver when it comes to weeds and water.

Here is what our garden looks like now (or at least midway through laying the plastic.


I managed to get some of my Express your Love quilt’s hair done. It was hard to get started on because my mind has been on Heather so much lately (tomorrow is her 22nd birthday and anyone who knew her knows how we started celebrating weeks ahead of time). So in her honor I did a section of hair for her. Pink feathers (for the essence that was Heather) with yellow hearts (for the stupid cancer that she fought so hard against yet ripped our hearts out anyhow). I put circles in the middle because it reminded me of the unending cycle of life and the fact that I will see her again one day. I also did a section in mctavishing, which I like the look but cant seem to get any better at doing it.

Here it is…










FMQ challenge

Check out my new page (link is above this) for the FMQ Challenge!

Auditioning colors and designs

I’m down to stitching the hair on my EYL quilt. I’m having trouble deciding on what color and what designs to make it. So last night I fixed me up a sample quilt and just started sewing with whatever design made me happy in what ever color that caught my eye. I do this alot but usually my samples end up a mess, but this time I’m gonna shoot for having something pretty when It’s all used up, something I can finish off and put on a wall.

This decision made a big difference, I slowed down and enjoyed the process instead of hating the chore (usually I just want to get back to my project). It also let me discover that the trouble I was having with thread shredding and breakage was mainly my inexperience and not my embroidery thread (which I have a LOT of and was upset at the though of not being able to use any of it).

I also have to rave about the SEW SLIP II. This little gem made things soooooo much better, and my stitches so much prettier. It actually took me a little bit to get used to the quilt moving so easily and not having to have such a heavy hand in moving it around.

Here are a few pics of what I did last night. I’m really leaning towards blues/purples and maybe a little pink (for Heather) in her hair.


Express Your Love……..breaths….to trapplique or not to trapplique

I got the background quilting on the  breath ribbons finished last night and got them cut out (I used clear thread). They will have words sewn on them, but I haven’t figured out what I want to say so….no words yet. I just don’t know if I like them or not. Would they look better with just FMQing on the black fabric with a pretty colored thread? I don’t know, so I guess I’ll take a few days to stare at them and decide..

Have you got an opinion?


Busy quilting weekend!

I got quite a bit done on my Express Your Love quilt. I got all the sun rays done, some of her body and the applique pieces are drawn and colored using Derwent  Inktense blocks. I love the Inktense they leave such an intense color and are permanent color when dried.

15169_10201048693124506_1830151017_n 375905_10201048692844499_291098046_n 528304_10201048692644494_126485421_n

I got some of her body done. I first FMQ the hearts and spiral and then painted it with old penny chrome paint. I still have a couple of sections on her, but she’s really coming to life! I improvised on a couple of of rays, my stitching just took on a life of it’s own. Most the time I really didn’t know what pattern I was going to stitch until AFTER I brought up the bobbin thread and took a few minutes to stare and think.  Here are some pics.

What do you think?

12505_10201048696044579_1177926019_n 31016_10201048693604518_1680157529_n

298008_10201048695164557_463223093_n 376064_10201048694044529_2082679834_n 399855_10201048693404513_1037199014_n 528390_10201048694564542_326345150_n

Beefalo on Lulbegrud! Exciting times!!!!

This weekend was a busy one for us. We got to go pick up 3 registered beefalo heifers yesterday. They are so pretty and gentle. It’s exciting for us to bring this breed to Winchester.

Here are a few pictures21097_10201048698404638_1459691208_n 31604_10201048699604668_1098721834_n 58092_10201048700164682_1789144007_n 59657_10201048699924676_1565330388_n 69060_10201048701644719_1493198020_n 72868_10201048700364687_2136766282_n 935058_10201048698564642_2074130600_n




Express Your Love

I guess you can tell I’m loving the free motion quilting and have really been inspired by Leah Day at The Free Motion Quilting Project. 

Currently I am working on a quilt along with her called Express Your Love. It is her design and it’s on 1 yard of black fabric. I’m really enjoying this and my skills are getting better.

Take a look……..

.11846_10201008037428139_245743682_n 45320_10200986680854238_800517975_n 66715_10200986681694259_1971870368_n 156825_10200986681294249_1580387956_n 165495_10201008039148182_1358299924_n 208722_10200881783111860_621187866_n 529225_10200986679454203_1584840090_n 533992_10200971664398836_1961507250_n 535950_10201008038428164_1616398776_n 552650_10201008039948202_1206413264_n 558063_10200986679774211_45679908_n

Hearts and Feathers

A couple of weeks ago I did a quilt along with Leah Day at Free motion Quilting. It’s one she did a while back but I enjoyed doing it. It gave me practice on sewing straight and curvy lines and micro stippling. It really turned out pretty and I enjoyed it. Leah designed it, she is such a wonderful quilter and artist and her blog has really touched my heart. Check her out and watch some of her videos. You’ll be inspired!

Here is my hearts and feathers wall hanging…

18910_10200955694799606_243559983_n 45494_10200955705839882_988486632_n 522460_10200955704839857_697119117_n 555120_10200955703719829_998997103_n 555944_10200955702519799_348192561_n 5341_10200955694239592_1767653338_n


Long time hobby goes in a new direction

I’ve been a sewer ever since I can remember. My grandmother was a sewer too. Her passion was quilts, each stitch lovingly done by hand. I love to sew about anything, mostly clothes when Heather was little. Recently the quilting bug has infected me and I’m learning how to do free motion quilting on my home machine.

Thanks to Leah Day and her Free Motion Quilting Project I’m learning fast. I started with some quilt blocks that my late grandmother made but never got to put into a quilt top, each one was hand sewn. I put them together into quilts for my mother and nieces and my. With each one my quilting got a little better. I finally got to give my mother hers yesterday, she was tickled. I think it’s cool to have something started by one generation and finished two generations later.

Here is some pics of themImageImageImageImageImageImage

This is Luna, my helper, she is always “helping” in some way…


Long time coming…

I’m sorry folks, I should have updated this a long time ago. I went through 4 chemo treatments and a scan showed that the cancer is mostly gone (good news). We opted not to do the last two treatments. I go back next month and have another scan in Aug.

I’m feeling pretty good now and that’s what counts…. I’m still taking two college courses a semester and I’m enjoying riding my motorcycle. I’m glad summer is here, but I’m really questioning my sanity for plowing up 1.5 acres of land for a “garden”…..lol We haven’t had one since Heather got sick, it will feel good to get my hands dirty again.

I want to thank everyone for thinking of me and praying for me, I appreciate it more than you can ever now.



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