Auditioning colors and designs

I’m down to stitching the hair on my EYL quilt. I’m having trouble deciding on what color and what designs to make it. So last night I fixed me up a sample quilt and just started sewing with whatever design made me happy in what ever color that caught my eye. I do this alot but usually my samples end up a mess, but this time I’m gonna shoot for having something pretty when It’s all used up, something I can finish off and put on a wall.

This decision made a big difference, I slowed down and enjoyed the process instead of hating the chore (usually I just want to get back to my project). It also let me discover that the trouble I was having with thread shredding and breakage was mainly my inexperience and not my embroidery thread (which I have a LOT of and was upset at the though of not being able to use any of it).

I also have to rave about the SEW SLIP II. This little gem made things soooooo much better, and my stitches so much prettier. It actually took me a little bit to get used to the quilt moving so easily and not having to have such a heavy hand in moving it around.

Here are a few pics of what I did last night. I’m really leaning towards blues/purples and maybe a little pink (for Heather) in her hair.



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